Hire a specialist

A specialized member of our team will be fractionally dedicated to your business. This is excellent if you need a designer; paid ad specialist; writer; strategist; or any other skilled professional to complete your team. Short-term and long-term solutions are available.

Hire the team

Retain a full team of skilled professionals to deliver on all your needs, from strategy to execution. You will have a dedicated point of contact and a team that knows your business. Open and transparent, contact us to learn more about how we keep you updated while we work.

By the project

Do you have a big launch, niche campaign, website redesign, marketing automation setup, paid media campaign management or print ad design coming up? Whatever you need, we can offer you a simple solution built to fit your needs with clear deliverables and pricing for your project.

Billions of dollars are spent annually on digital advertising, sadly not all advertising provides a good Return on Investment.

At Redzel we specialize in running effective campaigns with both long and short term goals that tie in to your overall business strategy.
We focus on understanding your customer’s full journey and tailor our paid media strategy to align with your consumer’s intent; we then identify the best points of engagement based on a wide array of factors.

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Strategy and planning are an integral part of Redzel’s DNA and when you hire us as an agency we inevitably bring our strategic approach to the table. We will work with you to determine that goals and the actions being taken to achieve them are aligned.

Our approach has been tried, tested and refined. All our clients benefit from having a sales and marketing strategist dedicated to their account. By understanding the full picture our team is able to deliver extraordinary results even on the samllest of projects.

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Unleash boundless creativity by hiring our team to handle your design, content creation, writing, photography and branding needs.

We can help you with: logos design, adverts (print, digital, large format, av), brand manuals, rebranding, brand strategy alignment, photography, image retouching, graphic design, product design, give away design and procurement (keychains, lipbalms, coozies, pens, notepads and so much more), tradeshow design, signage and of course writing (sales copy, SEO friendly content, ad copy, educational/whitepapers and much more.

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Our business process specialist can help you streamline your operations and document existing processes in your business. We are proud to have saved our clients many thousands of dollars in salaries by using marketing automation software, customer relationship management software as well as implementing other custom and customized solutions.

We also offer staff training and onboarding for some of the leading sales and marketing software solutions available on the market. With the right software and processes in place a small team can deliver massive results.

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Leverage our team’s years of experience in building audiences for our clients all over the world across multiple media as well as through grassroots campaigns. Developing a powerful strategy to ensure that your potential customers know your brand and what it can do for them is a challenge we’ve been waiting for you to share with us. Through PR, Social Media outreach, best in class SEO and supporting your efforts on the events side of things there is no audience we cannot reach.

If you want to create awareness for your brand, look no further, let’s talk and we promise you’ll never see your brand the same way again.

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CJ comes with some seriously exceptional qualities and skills. His ability to understand a business and its needs are truly second to none.

He asks questions that will make you think, does analyses that are in-depth and relevant, and provides solutions that will make your business grow; period.

Andreas Jaeger, Shedwool

Working with CJ is a valuable and unique experience for not only being a very nice person to be around but also to experience the possibility of building everything from absolutely nothing.

Thanks to CJ’s amazing and indispensable capabilities, our company is growing rapidly!

M Agius, Idea Natur

It has been a pleasure and a very exciting journey with a great sales increase! I believe much of the  success comes from your effort!

Thank you for the great effort and results. They have been noticed! It has been a true pleasure to work with you and thanks for all the challenging discussions.

C Christensen, Cryos International

My company and I found ourselves in trouble after starting our digital platforms and marketing strategies. Through a recommendation, I met CJ, who diagnosed several of our problems. Moreover, he recommended several changes to our mobile website and direct marketing strategies that immediately changed how we both perceived our product and helped us to clarify how we offer it.

N Canada, Andromeda Consulting Group

A few of our clients

Services Rendered:

Strategy, Consultancy, Paid Media, Marketing Automation & Analysis.

Services rendered:

Content Marketing and Display Advertising.

Services Rendered:

Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization.

Services Rendered:

Web Design & Development, Consultancy, Staff Training, Paid Media.

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